The ERGELIT strategy for satisfied customers

1. Mortars developed in the lab to fulfill customer specifications

Our customers frequently request mortars made to their individual specifications. Our proprietary laboratory then develops a suitable product and subjects it to comprehensive and demanding tests. Production only begins after the product meets our own approval and that of the customer.

2. Mortars which meet the demands of our times

We supply a wide variety of mortars which are as diverse as the multifaceted applications and standards of our different clients. Please request our brochures for more details on our many products and their specific properties.

3. Continuous quality for high processing reliability

Our wide range of products is manufactured using state-of-the-art electronic mixing, production and packaging systems by our highly motivated and experienced staff. Only quality-approved products may leave our works. Samples taken from production are tested in the laboratory. Any item can be traced back to its production batch.

4. Flexible and instant delivery

ERGELIT responds to all customer orders flexibly and quickly. Our comprehensive stock and a refined logistics system ensure instant delivery.

5. Support and consultation by competent engineering partners

Every day, our engineering and marketing partners gain new experience with regard to our products and the challenges in the field. Our engineering and marketing partners successfully implement our products to face the challenges of everyday applications. Backed by our support, they can provide all customers – from municipal bodies to builders – our comprehensive experience, competent consultation and valuable services.